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The Architectural Design of Multi Interface-Device Binding (MID-B) System

TitleThe Architectural Design of Multi Interface-Device Binding (MID-B) System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsPrammanee, S, Moessner, K
Conference NameThe 3rd Workshop on Context Awareness for Proactive Systems
Conference LocationGuildford, UK

The Multi Interface-Device Binding (MID-B) System enhances a multimodal interaction in a virtual-device environment. The system promises to overcome the drawbacks of classic multimodal interaction. In the classic sense, multimodality uses a strategy of simultaneously utilising several modalities generally offered on a single device. In contrast, the MID-B’s mechanism gets multimodality out of the solitary-device scenario. In MID-B, a ‘controller- device’ (UE_C) is aware of the availability of various devices in the vicinity, each of which may host one or more user interfaces (modalities). The
capabilities of each of the co-located devices, together with the context in which the user acts, is exploited to dynamically customise the interface services available. This paper describes the MID-B architecture and its mechanisms to collect and exploit device and user context information to dynamically adapt the user interfaces.

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