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Semantic-Supported and Agent-Based Decentralized Grid Resource Discovery

TitleSemantic-Supported and Agent-Based Decentralized Grid Resource Discovery
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsHan, L, Berry, D
Journal TitleFuture Generation Computer Systems
Keywordsgrid resource discovery, decentralization, agent, semantic similarity, ontology

One of open issues in grid computing is efficient resource discovery. In this paper, we propose a novel semantic-supported and agent-based decentralized grid resource discovery mechanism. Without overhead of negotiation, the algorithm allows individual resource agents to semantically interact with neighbour agents based on local knowledge and dynamically form a resource service chain to complete a task. The algorithm ensures resource agent’s ability to cooperate and coordinate on neighbour knowledge requisition for flexible problem solving. The developed algorithm is evaluated by investigating the relationship between the success probability of resource discovery and semantic similarity under different factors. The experiments show the algorithm could flexibly and dynamically discover resources and therefore provide a valuable addition to the field.

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