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Using the Rapid tool for rapidly generating a job submission portlet

NeSC Research Seminar Series
Srihathai Prammanee

In many e-Science projects, portals are developed to allow an end-user to submit a computationally intensive task. Conventionally, the interface layouts of such portals and the portlets within, together with the job-submission functionality are created from scratch, manually generating, for example, JSR-168, JSDL or condor submit file.

In our talk, we introduce a portlet builder system called Rapid that allows an advanced user or developer to generate a job-submission portlet from one simple XML file. In this file, the developer specifies application-specific parameters such as executables and environment variables. The user interface can be specified in the same file by using standard XHTML. The talk will present the case study of the Rapid system carried out in conjunction with the e-Science project NanoCMOS.

The case study exhibits the capabilities of Rapid to transform the XML file into a fully functioning JSR168 compliant portlet, thereby considerably shortening development time and improving maintainability.

Date and time: 
Wednesday, 18 June, 2008 - 11:00
45 minutes