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Use of Evolutionary Algorithms for Telescope Scheduling

TitleUse of Evolutionary Algorithms for Telescope Scheduling
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsGrim, R, Jansen, MLM, Baan, A, van Hemert, JI, de Wolf, H
Conference NameIntegrated Modeling of Telescopes
PublisherThe International Society for Optical Engineering ({SPIE})
EditorAnderson, T
Keywordsconstraint satisfaction; scheduling

LOFAR, a new radio telescope, will be designed to observe with up to 8 independent beams, thus allowing several simultaneous observations. Scheduling of multiple observations parallel in time, each having their own constraints, requires a more intelligent and flexible scheduling function then operated before.
In support of the LOFAR radio telescope project, and in co-operation with Leiden University, Fokker Space has started a study to investigate the suitability of the use of evolutionary algorithms applied to complex scheduling problems. After a positive familiarisation phase, we now examine the potential use of evolutionary algorithms via a demonstration project. Results of the familiarisation phase, and the first results of the demonstration project are presented in this paper.

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