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Recent Advances in Evolutionary Computation for Combinatorial Optimization

TitleRecent Advances in Evolutionary Computation for Combinatorial Optimization
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsCotta, C, van Hemert, J
Series TitleStudies in Computational Intelligence
Number of Pages338
ISBN Number978-3-540-70806-3

Combinatorial optimisation is a ubiquitous discipline whose usefulness spans vast applications domains. The intrinsic complexity of most combinatorial optimisation problems makes classical methods unaffordable in many cases. To acquire practical solutions to these problems requires the use of metaheuristic approaches that trade completeness for pragmatic effectiveness. Such approaches are able to provide optimal or quasi-optimal solutions to a plethora of difficult combinatorial optimisation problems.

The application of metaheuristics to combinatorial optimisation is an active field in which new theoretical developments, new algorithmic models, and new application areas are continuously emerging. This volume presents recent advances in the area of metaheuristic combinatorial optimisation, with a special focus on evolutionary computation methods. Moreover, it addresses local search methods and hybrid approaches. In this sense, the book includes cutting-edge theoretical, methodological, algorithmic and applied developments in the field, from respected experts and with a sound perspective.

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