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Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences

Semantic Web technologies, tools and applications are starting to emerge in Life Sciences. In recent years, systems have been introduced and an increasing interest among researchers is arising. This workshop will provide a venue to present and discuss benefits and limits of the adoption of these technologies and tools in biomedical informatics and computational biology. It will showcase experiences, information resources, tools development and applications. It will bring together researchers, both developers and users, from the various fields of Biology, Bioinformatics and Computer Science, to discuss goals, current limits and some real use cases for Semantic Web technologies in Life Sciences.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Standards, Technologies, Tools for the Semantic Web
    • Semantic Web standards (RDF, OWL, ...)
    • RDF/OWL, SKOS, .... and their applicability ot bioinformatics
    • RDF Schemas and Query systems
    • Biomedical Ontologies and related tools
    • Formal approaches to large biomedical controlled terminologies and vocabularies
    • Data and knowledge provenance
  • Systems for a Semantic Web for Bioinformatics
    • Bio-ontologies, RDF stores, Semantic web Services
    • RDF repositories and query systems for life sciences
    • Semantically aware biomedical Web Services
    • Semantic Biological Data Integration Systems
  • Existing and perspective applications of the Semantic Web for Bioinformatics
    • Semantic browsers, Semantic collaborative research
    • Semantic Web applications in life sciences and translational medicine
    • Semantic Web applications in information extraction and text mining
    • e-Bioscience
    • Case studies, use cases, and scenarios
    • Semantic Web applications in life sciences

Type of contributions

The following possible contributions are sought:

  • Oral communications (regular papers)
  • Posters
  • Software demos

All accepted oral communications and posters will be published with CEUR .


  • Submission deadline (both papers and posters): 30 September 2008
  • Notification of acceptance: 20 October 2008
  • Camera-ready submission: 3 November 2008

e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh, UK
28 Nov 2008