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Informal seminar series — "Technology for the Petabyte Age"

"Sensors everywhere. Infinite storage. Clouds of processors. Our ability to capture, warehouse, and understand massive amounts of data is changing science, medicine, business, and technology. As our collection of facts and figures grows, so will the opportunity to find answers to fundamental questions. Because in the era of big data, more isn't just more. More is different."

There is clearly a lot going on in Informatics and around the university that is relevant to ensuring that we don't miss out on this opportunity: in machine learning, database curation, computer architecture, empirical/statistical NLP, algorithms, programming languages for the web, data/text mining, sensing, etc.

Since a good way to move forward is on the basis of shared knowledge, we're going to start an informal lunchtime seminar series in which members of the School (and perhaps others as well), introduce what they're doing in areas related to the
"Petabyte Age".

Miles Osborne and Murray Cole have agreed to give 20 minute introductions to their work, with extra time for questions and discussion.

Location: IF4.31/4.33
Time/date: Wednesday, 8 Oct, 13.00-14.15

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