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Informatics Research Programme on Machine Learning—Introductory Session 4

The Informatics Research Advisory Committee recently approved the creation of a Research Programme on Machine Learning. Machine Learning (ML) methods are widely researched and used in many places in the School, e.g. in ANC, IPAB, ICCS and elsewhere. With the co-location of the School in the Forum there is an opportunity to develop the links between these various groups, so as to enhance mutual understanding, and likely lead to new research opportunities.

The first goal of the research programme is to conduct a series of internal meetings to bring together these researchers, so they can understand the nature of the work carried out in the different groups.

Introductory Session 4

  • 1530 Philipp Koehn: Statistical Machine Translation
  • 1545 Katherine Cameron (SEE): Biologically Inspired Systems in Neuromorphics
  • 1600 Hiroshi Shimodaira: Speech-driven facial animation: how to learn a stream to stream mapping?
  • 1615 Steve McLaughlin (SEE): Signals, Sampling and Spectrum
  • 1630 Jan Wildenhain (Cell Biology): Endless dating but no marriage insight - Machine Learning in Systems Biology
  • 1645 Discussion time
  • 1700 Further discussions & food in 4.40 (level 4 mini forum)
IF 4.31/4.33
26 Nov 2008