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Advanced Data Mining and Integration Research for Europe (ADMIRE)

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Introduction to the Edinburgh National e-Science Centre's Research Group in the context of Data Mining. It specifically mentions an EU-FP7 project ADMIRE, which aims to to deliver a consistent and easy-to-use technology for extracting information and knowledge. The project is motivated by the difficulty of extracting meaningful information by data mining combinations of data from multiple heterogeneous and distributed resources. It will also provide an abstract view of data mining and integration, which will give users and developers the power to cope with complexity and heterogeneity of services, data and processes. I will show some examples of the data mining use cases we work on, which include large amounts of data up to 5TB in size.

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Wednesday, 29 October, 2008 - 15:40
Informatics Research Programme on Machine Learning, G07 Informatics Forum, Edinburgh