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e-Science Institute

Mission: To facilitate the e-Science community.

The e-Science Institute (eSI) was launched in August 2001 and has excellent experience in stimulating and organising meetings for the UK’s e-Science community and of hosting visitors who interact with that community. The initial programme at eSI was shaped by the pressing need to form the UK’s e Science community across all disciplines, to help it develop an understanding of the challenges and available solutions, and to develop skills. That programme has been very successful.

Now the main thrust of eSI’s work is changing to focus on longer-term and research centred topics. This is achieved by running themes that develop a topic over a period of six months to a year, through a series of workshops and meetings at eSI and elsewhere. The choice of themes and theme leaders is competitive, and will be recommended to the Director by the Science Advisory Board. We are already running two themes under this regime and have two more in the pipeline.