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Annual Progress Report for 2008

The report highlights major successes and shows our results in terms of scientific output (presentations and publications) and group assets (people, students and projects) for 2008.

Notable Achievements

The whole research group is now funded through grants in Informatics rather than Physics.
Informatics is once again the highest rated CS department in the UK (RAE2008).

The ADMIRE EU project had its first review in its 9th month and was rated excellent;
fantastic work by Liangxiu and Ally.

Rapid was released into the public domain and has been downloaded already over 300 times;
an extra mulled wine for Jos.

Nikos Kyprianou, an Informatics MSc students we had over the summer received the highest
average mark for the Computer Science Dissertation projects in 2008 (74%); good one Adam!

David Rodriguez has acquired funding for a SINAPSE PhD student.

Publications and Presentations

We had 7 publications in peer-reviewed proceedings; 5 articles in journals; 2 conference
proceedings; 1 book chapter and 1 book. We gave over two dozen presentations at external events.


In this year, we said hello to David Rodriquez (SINAPSE), Jean O'Donoghue (DGEMap), Qian
Li (DGEMap), Chee-Sun Liew (PhD with Malcolm/Jano/Liangxiu) and Ben Wynne (PhD with Peter
Clarke/Philip Clark).

And, we said goodbye to Srihathai Prammanee, who is now in Finland on an ERCIM
fellowship; to Jean O'Donoghue, who is now working for Cancer Research UK; Adam Barker,
who went to the University of Oxford; Yin Chen who, went from DGEMap across the road to
EDINA, but remains close through her PhD project; Jon Weissman, who returned to
Minneapolis after he visited us for a year.

Short term visits were made by Alexander Wöhrer, Ela Hunt, Peter Brezany and Sandra

Promising Students

Yin Chen is about to submit her first year report. Both Rob Kitchen and Luna De Ferrari
submitted and defended their first year report. Thomas French has started his third year
writing his first paper.

In 2008, we successfully supervised 1 Informatics UG4 (First Honours), 3 e-Science MSc
and 4 Informatics MSc (with 2 First Honours) students.


The following projects started this year: NRP, ADMIRE, RCPER, SINAPSE and DReSNet

Rapid finished in October with a very successful public release of its source code.

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