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OGSA-DAI 3.1 SQL views extension pack 1.0 released


The OGSA-DAI project, a partner in OMII-UK, in collaboration with BEinGRID (, have released the OGSA-DAI 3.1 SQL views extension pack 1.0. This is a proof-of-concept of an implementation of SQL views in OGSA-DAI 3.1 which allows SQL views to be defined over read-only relational databases. It also provides a layer in which the users Grid credentials can be used to determine the information presented in the view. This is part of OGSA-DAI's ongoing work to support more powerful data access, control and management scenarios.

The extension pack is free, open source, 100% Java and is licenced under the Apache 2.0 licence. It is compatible with OGSA-DAI 3.1