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High Performance QTL Analysis Via The Grid

The mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) is the first step towards the identification of genes and causal polymorphisms that affect traits of importance in human medicine and agriculture. Fast, efficient and robust methods to map QTL have been developed by groups at The Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IEB), Edinburgh University and The Roslin Institute (RI), Edinburgh and can be deployed in QTLExpress, the first publicly available Web-based application that can perform QTL mapping on a variety of population types.

GridQTL will extend the functionality of QTLExpress by adding new and advanced approaches for modelling QTL analysis in simple and complex populations. These new methods will be available on a Grid system that will offer flexible workflow management, resource allocation, data persistence, detached execution of simulations and the scalability required for the increase in data volume, data sources and complexity required by the new models.

These developments will provide an essential core component of a future integrated biological system incorporating genetic, phenotypic, transcription and comparative information with the goal being to allow prediction from gene sequence to consequence.

1 December 2004 to 31 May 2009
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