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Developing dependable agents in a dynamic world

SSP Seminar Series
iona McNeill and Lucas Dixon

As the world of software agents diversifies, systems such as the Semantic Web hope to maintain service interoperability. However, when agents are developed independently, and continue to evolve to meet a wide range of demands, maintaining robust interoperable behaviour is increasingly difficult. The recent and accelerating growth of web-based and peer-to-peer systems provides some standards for interaction and some lighter-weight development methods, but there is still a significant lack in the foundational theory to support robust interaction when different parts of the system are developed or evolve independently.

Our proposal is to develop formal foundations for interacting software agents that allow systems to be developed and extended independently. Our work draws on two previously independent strands of work, one in using Linear Logic to provide a formalism for agents based systems and the other on modifying agents ontologies in order to support their interaction. The linear logic based formalism supports the formal proof of properties about the robustness of agent based systems and enables suitable reaction to changes in communication protocol. The work in ontology evolution allows the systems to automatically adapt their vocabulary and representation in order to maintain interoperability.

Date and time: 
Tuesday, 3 March, 2009 - 11:00
45 minutes