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Google Summer of Code 2009: Generating User Interfaces to the Cloud

Raviteja Dodda

Rapid is a unique way of quickly designing and delivering web portal interfaces to applications that require computational resources, such as utility computing infrastructures or high-performance computing facilities. It focuses on the requirements of the end-user by designing customised user interfaces for domain-specific applications that allow users to achieve particular tasks.

Currently, Rapid works with Grid and High-Performance Computing infrastructure. It is your task to adapt Rapid so as it can be used to generate intuitive interfaces that submit jobs to cloud infrastructures.

You will install an Open Source Cloud solution, such as EUCALYPTUS or Hadoop. Then, after experimenting a bit with Rapid, you will add at least one more job submission and monitoring engine to Rapid that connects to such a cloud infrastructure.

This project is available through the participation of OMII-UK in the Google Summer of Code 2009 programme. To be accepted as a student for the project depends on the supervisors (here called mentors), OMII-UK and Google. Apply here

Deadline: 19:00 UTC on April 3rd

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Knowledge of Java is required. A bit of experience with XML is useful.
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WWW Tools and Programming
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Rapid: Google Summer of Code 2009: OMII-UK: EUCALYPTUS: Hadoop: