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Rapid: giving computational science a friendly face

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Rapid is a unique approach to quickly designing and delivering web portal interfaces for applications that require large amounts of computing resources or that need to run on specific servers. The approach consists of defining the resources, application use and user interface in one XML file. This file is then validated and translated directly into a live portlet that can be inserted into a portal container. The whole process can be performed without any conventional programming. Rapid provides all the necessary components for handling compute-jobs. It knows how to handle remote files stores, monitor jobs, validate input, talk to Sun Grid Engine, Condor, PBS or just use a plain SSH connection.

Here we show a portal for teaching undergraduate chemistry students about structure and bonding of simple compounds using Gaussian 03. It was created by Andrew Turner using Rapid for the Rapid Chemistry Portals by Engaging Researchers project. The whole process took him just several days.

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Wednesday, 29 April, 2009 - 15:00
edikt2009 Symposium, Dundee, UK