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Next Generation Embryology

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3D developmental atlases are used in research for capture, collation and analysis of spatio-temporal data such as in situ gene-expression. The most advanced systems are based on a temporal series of 3D models. Examples are the EADHB human embryo atlas in Newcastle and the e-MouseAtlas in Edinburgh. Here we propose to use the 3D spatio-temporal frameworks in conjunction with a repository to deliver research and educational material directly in the context of the developing embryo. The primary interface will be similar in function to the familiar Google Maps but with full 3D indexing, spatial annotation and the overlay visualisation of complex spatial patterns. The project will deliver an integrated repository for embryology and developmental biology and open-source tools and APIs to enable institutions to build their own research and educational materials in the 3D framework.

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Monday, 13 July, 2009 - 13:30
DReSNet Workshop on Repositories and Biological/Medical Applications, Institute of Health Sciences, Manchester, UK