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RapidSeis: Rapid Portals for Seismological Waveform Data

Final project report for JISC, with links to all individually created deliverables and progress posts. RapidSeis has produced a scientific gateway via a web portal that allows seismologist to pick up data from Orfeus—the central repository for earthquake data in Europe—and then run several analyses on these data. Advanced users can also create new analyses and share these with all the other users.

When an analysis is run, data is extracted from the earthquake data stores in Europe and transferred to the University of Liverpool where the analysis is performed on a computer cluster. Once an analysis finishes, its results in the form of waveforms is send to the portal for the user to view and download.

* Screenshots or diagram of prototype:
* Link to working prototype: needs login, so screencast provided next
* Link to end user documentation:
* Link to code repository or API:
* Link to technical documentation:
* Date prototype was launched: 2009/11/13
* Project Team Names, Emails and Organisations: Jano I. van Hemert, - University of Edinburgh; Jos Koetsier, - University of Edinburgh; Andy Heath, - University of Liverpool; Alessandro Spinuso, - Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute; Andreas Rietbrock, - University of Liverpool; Torild van Eck, - Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
* Project Website:
* PIMS entry:
* Table of Content for Project Posts
- RapidSeis workflow explained
- Screencast: Rapid Portals for Seismological Waveform Data
- Tutorial for Rapid
- RapidSeis Workshop
- Rapid portals improve teaching in practical sessions
- Apache's Virtual File system is part of Rapid's architecture
- Unit-testing code is especially important in code-generating projects
- Apache's Maven for management of code structure?
- Rapid prevents a disaster in the classroom
- Rapid Tutorial at Advanced Distributed Services Summer School
- Happy end user of Rapid gives praise

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