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Annual Progress Report for 2009

The report highlights major successes and shows our results in terms of scientific output (presentations and publications) and group assets (people, students and projects) for 2009.

Notable achievements and events

We have nearly doubled our publication rate, while increasing the average impact of the journals we publish in.

The whole research group is now housed in the Informatics Forum.

We have changed our name to the Data Intensive Research Group.

The group is now part of the Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications.

Two of our students took 3 of the 7 Informatics undergraduate awards for 2009.


In 2009, we published
- 9 articles in journals,
- 13 papers in peer-reviewed proceedings,
- 2 conference proceedings and
- 1 book chapter,

and another 7 are currently under review.


In this year, we said hello to Gagarine Yaikhom (Next Generation Embryology/ADMIRE) and Fan Zhu (SINAPSE PhD student).

And, we said goodbye to Qian Li (DGEMap), who now works for Mark Collin's company.

We had Mark Collins, David Bacigalupo and Laura Valkonen working for us on short term contracts. Mark is with his company Gulfstreeam, David with Southampton and Laura has another position in the university.

Short term visits were made by István Juhos, Peter Brezany, Sandra Gesing, Carlos Buil Aranda and Javier Fernández Muñoz.

Promising students

In 2009, we successfully supervised the following students: 2 Informatics UG4, 2 e-Science MSc, 2 Informatics MSc and 1 Google Summer Code.

Both Rob and Yin passed their second year review and Chee Sun passed his first year review. Thomas is set to finish Spring 2010.


The following projects started this year: Next Generation Embryology and RapidSeis. The start of GridQTL+ wll be postponed to mid-2010.

Rapid/ENGAGE finished in May, DGEMap in July and RapidSeis in November.

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