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Screencast: annotating embryo models on-line in a web browser

Screencast of a prototype for the JISC-funded project "Next Generation Embryology" where biologists can annotate 3D objects that represent models of mouse and human embryos with arbitrary bits of information held in a DSpace repository. Here we show what the interface looks like.

The idea and architecture is very similar to how Google Maps allows annotating the earth; here the Edinburgh Mouse Atlas provides the model and the anatomical annotation---similar to maps on the earth. This new system then allows anyone to overlay their own information on top of these models.

It was developed by Gagarine Yaikhom at the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh, UK in conjunction with Institute for Human Genetics of Newcastle University, UK. It was built on top of a browser-based image viewer developed at the Human Genetics Unit of the Medical Research Council of the UK.

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