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e-Science Core Programme Senior Research Fellow

The investment in e-Science has delivered a huge impetus to UK research programmes but it has the potential to do much more. This potential will be realised in the UK only if we sustain the development of collaborative and cooperative research behaviour. Indeed we wish to extend it to far more participants, so that all researchers, designers and decision makers have the power of advanced e-Infrastructure at their finger tips. This requires continued collaboration to build that e-Infrastructure. It requires continued R&D to stimulate and test ideas about how best to exploit e-Infrastructure and it needs a commitment to sustain the provision of e-Infrastructure so that users can commit to it. As the e-Science Envoy, this post will encourage the continued development of e-Science within the UK. As a researcher, the Fellow will tackle strategic design issues concerning long-lived e-Infrastructure, which must undergo incremental change while delivering a stable and continuous service and concerning the reliable handling of information over long periods and across multiple heterogeneous administrative domains.

This work will require pro-active engagement with the communities, organisations and government bodies that are commissioning, planning, devloping, operating and using advanced e-Infrastructure. This engagement must reach all relevant sectors of the UK and must be international, as, just like telephones and the Internet, e-Infrastructure must be international, because those who will work together using it are spread across many nations.


e-Science Envoy
1 April 2006 to 31 March 2011
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