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Edinburgh Data-Intensive Research

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We present Edinburgh Data-Intensive Research, a research group in Edinburgh Informatics and part of the UK National e-Science Centre. The demonstration comprises several rounds of 15 minutes, where we briefly introduce the group (2-minutes), then attendees can pick people to talk to for the remaining time. All team members are there and have laptops to provide in-depth demonstrations of our methods and applications of them.

Data-intensive refers to huge volumes of data, complex patterns of data integration and analysis and intricate interactions between combinations of users and systems that deal with these data. Our mission is to advance methods that harness the power of data and computation in collaborative environments. Our goal is to support the life cycle of data to information to knowledge in a multi-disciplinary and multi-organisational context. To achieve this we pursue research in e-Science and Informatics and apply our ideas in several scientific and industrial domains.

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Monday, 15 March, 2010 - 14:00
Data-Intensive Research Workshop, e-Science Institute, UK