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eScience Infrastructure and the Changing Culture of Research: successes and lessons learned in Australia

e-Science Institute Public Lecture
Bill Appelbe, Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing

Synopsis: Traditional research was driven by individual researchers and teams, their insights and inventions, and academic institutions were set up to foster this culture. Research infrastructure, such as instrumentation or computing, was acquired on a competitive grant basis and owned by the researchers. However, some research disciplines, such as Astronomy or High-Energy Physics, have for many years had an "infrastructure-driven" approach to research - what collaborative research can be done with access to the available infrastructure (such as the Hubbell Space Telescope or LHC). This infrastructure and collaboration based approach to research is now rapidly permeating other disciplines such as Bioinformatics, Climate, and even Economics. It is a paradigm shift that is changing the way that research is funded, conducted, and rewarded.

Australia, and the state of Victoria in particular, have been quite successful over the past decade in eResearch collaboration and outcomes, thus attracting major industry, state, and national funding. State investment in eResearch infrastructure has been over $200M in the past few years, matched by national and University investments. This talk will discuss recent Australian successes, lessons learned, organizational structures that facilitate eResearch, and the evolving landscape.

Date and time: 
Thursday, 3 June, 2010 - 11:30
60 minutes