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Visit from the National University of Defense Technology, China

National University of Defense Technology, China
- Prof Huaimin Wang
- Prof Chaug Guo
- Prof Gang Wu
UK National e-Science Centre
- Prof Malcolm Atkinson
- Dr Jano van Hemert
- Dr Liangxiu Han
- Dr Gagarine Yaikhom
- Prof Jie Xu (Leeds University, Facilitator)

1.45-2.00pm Tea/coffee available in Room IF5.02

2.00pm Welcome and introductions - Prof Malcolm Atkinson, UK e-Science Envoy

2.15-2.45pm An Internet-based Virtual Computing Environment - Beyond the Datacenter as a Computer - Prof Huaimin Wang, National Key Lab for Parallel and Distributed Processing, National University of Defense Technology, China

2.45-3.15pm Data-Intensive Research in Edinburgh - Dr Jano van Hemert, Research Leader

3.15-3.45pm Automatic Annotation of Gene Expression Patterns for Mouse Embryo - Dr Liangxiu Han, Research Associate

3.45-4.15pm The Next Generation Embryology Project - Dr Gagarine Yaikhom, Research Associate

4.15-5.00pm Discussion

UK National e-Science Centre, Informatics Forum, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
5 Aug 2010