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Integrating distributed data sources with OGSA--DAI DQP and Views

TitleIntegrating distributed data sources with OGSA--DAI DQP and Views
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsDobrzelecki, B, Krause, A, Hume, AC, Grant, A, Antonioletti, M, Alemu, TY, Atkinson, M, Jackson, M, Theocharopoulos, E
Journal TitlePhilosophical Transactions A
Type of Articlearticle

OGSA-DAI (Open Grid Services Architecture Data Access and Integration) is a framework for building distributed data access and integration systems. Until recently, it lacked the built-in functionality that would allow easy creation of federations of distributed data sources. The latest release of the OGSA-DAI framework introduced the OGSA-DAI DQP (Distributed Query Processing) resource. The new resource encapsulates a distributed query processor, that is able to orchestrate distributed data sources when answering declarative user queries. The query processor has many extensibility points, making it easy to customize. We have also introduced a new OGSA-DAI Views resource that provides a flexible method for defining views over relational data. The interoperability of the two new resources, together with the flexibility of the OGSA-DAI framework, allows the building of highly customized data integration solutions.

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