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Building Gene Homologue Web Services

Ian Archibald

There are many data resources relating to human and mouse genetics which can be integrated for the matching of specific genes. These resources however are present within various organizations at different locations. Compatibility between these datasets often requires conversions with respect to the gene ID systems in use. To make services such as inter-species homology available to bio-informaticians various methods involving matching genes and converting between different ID formats need to be created. This will allow these tools to be plugged together in a workflow context and executed on large amounts of data from a single location by the given user. In the case of this project remote data involving the homology between human and mouse genes will be used alongside the local data and services present at the MRC HGU. A bottom up approach of creating tools to provide these services will allow the various components to be incorporated into a number of possible varied workflows and re-used within other projects. As an example of interoperability these services will be tested through integration using the Taverna workflow engine to create an anatomy and gene homology based workflow.

Date and time: 
Tuesday, 4 September, 2007 - 16:00
60 minutes