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Generating web-based user interfaces for computational science

TitleGenerating web-based user interfaces for computational science
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
Authorsvan Hemert, J, Koetsier, J, Torterolo, L, Porro, I, Melato, M, Barbera, R
Journal TitleConcurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience

Scientific gateways in the form of web portals are becoming the popular approach to share knowledge
and resources around a topic in a community of researchers. Unfortunately, the development of web
portals is expensive and requires specialists skills. Commercial and more generic web portals have a much
larger user base and can afford this kind of development. Here we present two solutions that address this
problem in the area of portals for scientific computing; both take the same approach. The whole process
of designing, delivering and maintaining a portal can be made more cost-effective by generating a portal
from a description rather than programming in the traditional sense. We show four successful use cases to
show how this process works and the results it can deliver.

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