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Grid Serviceware Research Group, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

Professor Satoshi Sekiguchi and Isao Kojima lead a substantial team committed to computational sciences, e-Science and data-intensive methods. They have made substantial research contributions to the technologies for supporting these methods and have played a leading role in establishing relevant standards, such as those for storing and querying RDF data in distributed systems at OGF (WS-DAI-RDF) and in handling heterogeneous geoespatial observational metadata at OGC. They were early users of and contributors to OGSA-DAI.

We are now engaged in a series of visitor exchanges to co-design and develop data-storage and data-processing strategies for complex and large-scale research data. We expect to develop this further under Japan-Europe research projects and in the aegis of the Open Science Data Cloud Consortium.