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OGSA-DAI Status Report and Future Directions

TitleOGSA-DAI Status Report and Future Directions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsAntonioletti, M, Atkinson, M, Baxter, R, Borley, A, Hong, NCP, Collins, B, Davies, J, Fitzgerald, D, Hardman, N, Hume, AC, Jackson, M, Krause, A, Laws, S, Paton, NW, Sugden, T, Watson, P, Mar,
Conference NameAll Hands Meeting 2004
Conference Start Date31/08/2004
Conference LocationNottingham, UK

Data Access and Integration (DAI) of data resources, such as relational and XML databases, within a Grid context. Project members also participate in the development of DAI standards through the GGF DAIS WG. The standards that emerge through this effort will be adopted by OGSA-DAI once they have stabilised. The OGSA-DAI developers are also engaging with a growing user community to gather their data and functionality requirements. Several large projects are already using OGSA-DAI to provide their DAI capabilities. This paper presents a status report on OGSA-DAI activities since the last AHM and announces future directions. The OGSA-DAI software distribution and more information about the project is available from the project website at

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