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Experiences of Designing and Implementing Grid Database Services in the OGSA-DAI project

TitleExperiences of Designing and Implementing Grid Database Services in the OGSA-DAI project
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsAntonioletti, M, Hong, NC, Hume, A, Jackson, M, Krause, A, Nowell, J, Palansuriya, C, Sugden, T, Westhead, M
Conference NameGlobal Grid Forum Workshop on Designing and Building Grid Services/GGF9
Conference Start Date08/10/2003
Conference LocationChicago, USA

This paper describes the experiences of the OGSA-DAI team in designing and building a database access layer using the OGSI and the emerging DAIS GGF recommendations. This middleware is designed for enabling other UK e-Science projects that require database access and providing the basic primitives for higher-level services such as Distributed Query Processing. OGSA-DAI also intends to produce one of the required reference implementations of the DAIS specification once this becomes a proposed recommendation and, until then, scope out their ideas, provide feedback as well as directly contributing to the GGF working group. This paper enumerates the issues that have arisen in tracking the DAIS and OGSI specifications whilst developing a software distribution using the Grid services model; trying to serve the needs of the various target communities; and using the Globus Toolkit OGSI core distribution. The OGSA-DAI software distribution and more details are available from the project web site at

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