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Eudat Meets DIR Projects

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Tuesday 10th January 2012 at 2.00 pm:
1. Introduction and welcome.
2. EUDAT Overview and Status (Allison). Objective of EUDAT: “To deliver cost-efficient and high quality Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) with the capacity and capability for meeting researchers’ needs in a flexible and sustainable way, across geographical and disciplinary boundaries.”
3. DIR Projects data challenges: VERCE (Michele), ENVRI (Paul), EFFORT (Rosa), RAPID-OMERO (Donald).
4. Open discuss:
a. After the DIR talks, we have detected two common problems in all of DIR projects:
i. Storage systems
ii. Data Movement (Huge Data movement between two different resources)
b. Questions done by DIR to EPCC.
i. Is any API for Data Movement that can be used in the different DIR projects. ?
ii. Can EUDAT provides/suggest any tool for DATA management ?
iii. For Data Storage, Should we use IRODS or not ?
c. Also, we have to account another kind of problems related with data:
i. Guaranty access to the data.
ii. Replication of data in the most efficient way.

5. Plans and future collaborations:
a. Use a common model and common interface for data movement
b. Start with a practical choice for data movement.
c. Define small working groups, to look that questions:
i. Group I: Sharing information about EUDAT and ENVRI . People: Paul Martin and Rob Baxter.
ii. Group II: Data Movement use case. People: Rob Baxter, Donald Mac Donald, Radek Ostrowsk and Rosa Filgueira .
d. Start regular meetings and contacts.

6. Presentations and the agenda are attached.

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Tuesday, 10 January, 2012 - 14:00
Room 5.02, Informatics Forum
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