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Division of Pathway Medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK

The Division of Pathway Medicine is a research centre in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.  The Division was officially formed on 1st February 2007 following the success and growth of the Scottish Centre for Genomic Technology and Informatics (GTI).

The new division builds on the work of GTI and incorporates the activities of new investigators who joined the centre in 2006.  The Division has already proved itself successful in obtaining funding for new projects in new areas of research.

The Division of Pathway Medicine is conducting pioneering research programmes in:

  • Pathway Biology of Infection and Immunity - the study of host-pathogen interaction in immune cells and the modelling of molecular pathways that control immune cell function in health and disease.
  • Biochip Medicine in Systemic response to disease- the development of advanced biochip techniques and platforms for translating genomic and pathway research into clinical healthcare

Additionally, our Business Connections team works to foster commercial relationships between our research and the commercial sector.  To this end they organise meetings and events, manage commercial relationships, and are currently helping to develop a genomic analysis service for commercial and academic clients.

The central goal of the Division of Pathway Medicine is to integrate post-genomic science with medicine in order to provide a better mechanism based understanding of disease processes.  This will provide the basis for the development of new medical innovations for the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

We believe that dramatic progress can be made from a collaborative, multidisciplinary style of research based on integrated teams working on common research goals.  our studies cross traditional boundaries combining science and technology, blue-sky and applied research, academic and business.