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DICOM Confidential 1.4.0 released


This is the first release of the 1.4 branch that is intended to be an stable branch.
We have also released an experimental portable version for Windows (x86)
packed as a zip file (

Bugs fixed
- 3485818 Unselecting delete private attributes not working.
- 3485814 StudyID transformer does not allow absolute paths.
- 3485681 Edit global parameters button broken.
- 3484986 Data not inserted when DICOM Study time is empty.
- 3482761 Service fails to run.
- 3418417 failure in anonymisation due to large original ID.
- 3412920 Exception when running FolderAnonymiser.
- 3309621 Cast exception in pixel cleaner.
- 3308320 PixelCleaner Configuration does not complete.
- 3307965 Policy Editor should remember last opened folder.

- Namespace update for the XML schemas.
- Improvements in Policy Editor. Load the simple-transformers.jar at
startup (FR 3307970).
- Reorganisation of the GUI for the Graphical FolderAnonymiser.
- Wildcards filtering out of files (FR 3488134).
- Pixelmed version updated to 20111230.
- dcm4che2 version updated to 2.0.25
- AnonymiserOperation accepts Properties as other operations that can
be set just for it in the workflow document.
- The Transformer classes have a constructor that takes a Properties
object to make use of this, but a fallback mechanism allows the use of the
default constructor for backwards compatibility.