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Scottish Imaging Network: A Platform for Scientific Excellence

A new initiative which represents a major investment by the Scottish Funding Council and 6 Scottish Universities to improve the infrastructure for Neuroimaging research in Scotland. The participating Universities include; The University of Edinburgh (Lead), The University of Aberdeen, The University of St Andrews, The University of Dundee, The University of Stirling and The University of Glasgow. SINAPSE will include 5 Chairs, 15 mid-level posts and 24 PhD studentships distributed across Scotland. SINAPSE is the responsibility of the Principles of the 6 Scottish Universities and will be co-ordinated from Edinburgh in the first instance.

The objectives for this network are:

  • develop the Scottish academic imaging expertise to address a broad range of clinical questions by making key appointments to chairs in image analysis, neuroimaging physics and functional imaging, supported by intermediate level researchers in image acquisition/paradigm design, image analysis and tracer development;
  • re-establish world-leading cutting edge imaging equipment for the Scottish brain research community, compatible between imaging centres;
  • increase patient access to clinical research by supporting the NHS/DoH/Scottish Executive initiative to develop Clinical Research Collaborations in key disease areas and the Scottish Executive's PET imaging initiative;
  • encourage the further career development of the intermediate grade researchers to full independence and provide cohesive doctoral training programmes between universities to develop future generations of imaging researchers in Scotland;
  • increase the ability of brain researchers to conduct clinical trials;
  • bring funding from National and International Government organisations, the EU, non-government sources and industry;
  • have a direct impact on patient health.

Funding body: 
1 July 2007 to 30 June 2013
Project Status: 
In progress