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New Release of DICOM Confidential


Evolution of release 1.4.0. All the patches released since then applied (see 1.4.0 folder for more information).
For installing DICOM Confidential please download the executable jar dicom-confidential-1.4.1.jar.

- FolderWatcher application added.
- Changes to the GUI (graphFA).
- Updated pixelmed version to 20130929.
- Updated dcm4che2 version to 2.0.26.
- Updated xmlbeans version to 2.6.0.
- Updated Jsch version to 0.1.49.
- Improved Quarantine mechanism:
- new properties: and Quarantine.dir
- previous properties supported for backwards compatibility (to be maintained in branch 1.4 only).
- works with filtered/rejected files also.
- optionally recreates original folder structure in the quarantine area.

- Changes to file filtering.
- Logging files with temporal information in their names.
- Implemented patch (3586354) force the jarsigner to use SHA1.
- New sequence aware UID manipulation classes (see Feature Request 3586700):
- UIDManipulator
- ObjectsUIDsChanger

Bugs fixed
- 3581834 Remove target in Policy Editor not working for multiple selections.
- 3516884 Wrong links in Windows menu.
- 3306945 UIDGenerator permanently changed the root when set at Target level.

Knownm problems

- The dcm4che2 adaptor is not fully up-to-date and migth not support some functionality.