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Data-Intensive Analysis

TitleData-Intensive Analysis
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsCorcho, O, van Hemert, J
EditorAtkinson, M, Baxter, R, Brezany, P, Corcho, O, Galea, M, Parsons, M, Snelling, D, van Hemert, J
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons Ltd.
ISBNISBN 9781118398647
data mining; Data-Analysis Experts; Data-Intensive Analysis; Knowledge Discovery

Part II: "Data-intensive Knowledge Discovery", focuses on the needs of data-analysis experts. It illustrates the problem-solving strategies appropriate for a data-rich world, without delving into the details of underlying technologies. It should engage and inform data-analysis specialists, such as statisticians, data miners, image analysts, bio-informaticians or chemo-informaticians, and generate
ideas pertinent to their application areas.

Chapter 5: "Data-intensive Analysis", introduces a set of common problems that data-analysis experts often encounter, by means of a set of scenarios of increasing levels of complexity. The scenarios typify knowledge discovery challenges and the presented solutions provide practical methods; a starting point for readers addressing their own data challenges.