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Platforms for Data-Intensive Analysis

TitlePlatforms for Data-Intensive Analysis
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsSnelling, D
EditorAtkinson, M, Baxter, RM, Brezany, P, Corcho, O, Galea, M, Parsons, M, Snelling, D, van Hemert, J
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons Ltd.
ISBNISBN 9781118398647
Data-Intensive Engineering; Data-Intensive Systems; Dispel; Distributed Systems

Part III: "Data-intensive engineering", is targeted at technical experts who will develop complex applications, new components, or data-intensive platforms. The techniques introduced may be applied very widely; for example, to any data-intensive distributed application, such as index generation, image processing, sequence comparison, text analysis, and sensor-stream monitoring. The challenges, methods, and implementation requirements are illustrated by making extensive use of DISPEL.

Chapter 9: "Platforms for data-intensive analysis", gives a reprise of data-intensive architectures, examines the business case for investing in them, and introduces the stages of data-intensive workflow enactment.