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Gary McGilvary selected as an CERN openlab summer student 2013

Gary McGilvary has succeeded against considerable competition in obtaining a position on the CERN openlab Summer Student Programme.

CERN openlab is a unique public-private partnership between CERN and leading ICT companies. Its mission is to accelerate the development of cutting-edge solutions to be used by the worldwide LHC community. The openlab Summer Student Programme gives students the chance to work with some of the latest hardware and software technologies and see how advanced IT solutions are used in high energy physics.

Currently, CERN is establishing a large scale private cloud based on OpenStack as part of the expansion of the computing infrastructure for the Large Hadron Collider experiment. Depending on the application running on the cloud, some virtual machines require large disk capacities or high reliability/performance volumes.

Gary will be working on the configuration, deployment and testing of OpenStack Cinder which provides extendible storage for virtual machines, managing the storage quotas and migrating storage from one hypervisor to another.

I am sure you will all join me in congratulating him. We look forward to many exciting tales and discoveries on his return.

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