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OSDC PIRE 2013 Edinburgh Workshop

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Big Data and Cloud Computing:
The second OSDC workshop ( funded in part by the NSF PIRE programme) in Edinburgh will gather young researchers and experts to address today's challenges and to develop understanding in how best to exploit our growing wealth of data. How can we formulate questions and then use evidence from data to answer them without inadvertently introducing bias? How can we integrate data across boundaries from heterogeneous sources? How can we build machinery: hardware, software and internet protocols to enable this on a global scale? The participants, from North and South America, from Japan and from Europe will engage in talks, discussions, hands-on tutorials and debate. The outcome should be: new ideas, new understanding and lasting international alliances pursuing collaborative research.
Prof. Robert Grossman PhD, University of Chicago
Prof. Heidi Alvarez PhD, Florida International University
Prof. Malcolm Atkinson, University of Edinburgh

Please register at:

Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
17 Jun 2013 to 21 Jun 2013