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GeWWE - A Generic Web-based Workflow Editor

Dr Sandra Gesing

Researchers often need to use workflows that have been developed by other experts in their field to handle specific parts of their work. Sooner or later they find that they want to use workflows from multiple sources that are written in different languages. Enacting multi-lingual workflows (or meta workflows) has been pioneered in a group of European projects. The next step is to be able to change them when they do not do exactly what you want. But that is not easy if you need to learn a different editor for each workflow language. A solution is a workflow editor supporting different workflow languages and easily adaptable for further workflow languages. The generic web-based workflow editor GeWWE addresses this challenge. The talk will go into detail about the underlying concept and a developed prototype.

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Date and time: 
Friday, 26 July, 2013 - 10:00
45 minutes
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