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Web-Based Workflow Editors (

In these pages we shall discuss the requirements and viability for a graphical workflow editor offered in a web browser that caters for different workflow management systems. We shall be adding here our current design and development work on this, including our data models and database schemas. We solicit comments from and collaboration with workflow system users, workflow system providers and researchers in the field.

You can leave a comment on these pages – different views from those presented here are welcome, and the only commenting we’ll censor is spam and other inappropriate material. If you have an account with us, then log in to comment freely. Otherwise, you can still comment, by going through a simple captcha form.

If interested, you can also get in touch with Malcolm Atkinson (, Michelle Galea (, and Sandra Gesing ( Malcolm and Michelle both work in the Data-Intensive Research Group, and Sandra has been a visitor to the Group several times and is currently working at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA.

In the meantime, the attached paper presents a summary of our work to date - it was presented at the WORKS13 workshop at the Supercomputing Conference 2013 (8th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science), 17 November 2013, Denver, Colorado. The presentation slides are also attached.

Summary of comments

The providers of the Catania Science Gateway Framework are interested in the web-based workflow editor and would like to discuss use cases.

PDF icon WORKS13 paper1.01 MB
PDF icon WORKS13 slides3.42 MB