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A list of partners we collaborate with in our projects.


Aridhia is a global healthcare services provider that was established by clinical and IT professionals who wanted to use their applied experience to change the outcomes for chronic disease patients. Since then we have grown considerably, and our people offer the full, multidisciplinary skill set and domain expertise required to develop large-scale clinical innovations which have the power to change the future of healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute

AIAI is a technology transfer organisation that promotes the application of Artificial Intelligence research for the benefit of commercial, industrial, and government clients. AIAI has considerable experience of working with small innovative companies, and with research groups in larger corporations.

Brain Research Imaging Centre, University of Edinburgh

The Brain Research Imaging Centre (BRIC) is a neuroscience research center with a world-wide reputation.


Cardiff University

The School of Computer Science and Informatics (COMSC) at Cardiff University undertakes internationally ranked research in distributed and scientific computing, and informatics.

We work with Cardiff in the context of ENVRI, working with Alex Hardisty and Yin Chen (an alumni of our group).

Centre for e-Research, King’s College London, UK

The Centre for e-Research (CeRch) is located in Information Services and Systems with a broad remit to work across discipline areas. The Centre works at the intersection between research methods and practice, digital informatics, and e-infrastructure development and practice. The Centre incorporates the Arts & Humanities Data Service Executive and its projects.

Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications

In CISA we investigate how knowledge can be formally represented and reasoning can be automated. This is part of the foundations for the computational fabric that supports modern industry and society. It is also a major driving force for change, in areas such as multi-agent systems and reasoning on the Web. Because in our field there is a strong interaction between theory and application, CISA covers the spectrum from abstract research using logics and theorem proving methods through to systems oriented research (via our Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute).


Centre for In Vivo Imaging Science

There are considerable imaging research resources in Edinburgh ranging from laboratories through to human medical imaging. The Centre for In Vivo Imaging Sciences was established to promote the best possible imaging research and improve communication about, and awareness of, the available imaging resources, including training materials, and to promote new initiatives using imaging.

ComArch SA

ComArch is an international software house and systems integrator that provides innovative IT solutions to growing sectors of the economy. With its roots in research and development ComArch has created a number of Business Intelligence solutions which day by day help people to discover knowledge hidden in e.g. billing systems, ERP systems, CRM and sales support. By providing cutting-edge products, ComArch helps its clients gaining a competitive advantage. ComArch has advanced capabilities in the engineering and management of software systems, services and applications.

Computational Institute, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory

The Computation Institute is an intellectual nexus and resource center for scholars from multiple disciplines building and applying computational platforms for science.

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione

The CNR-ISTI, which is organised in 16 laboratories, is committed to producing scientific excellence and playing an active role in technology transfer.