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Unit-testing code is especially important in code-generating projects

The use of testing frameworks, such as Junit is extremely valuable. It takes quite a bit of discipline to write new unit tests for each new piece of 'real' code that is written, but the benefits in the end in terms of stability, confidence and debugging make the extra overhead more than worth it. This is especially useful in a project such as Rapid, where code is being generated. Testing in the 'traditional' way, by examining or running generated code is extremely difficult and by using testing frameworks we can actually determine correctness of Rapid, before running any generated code.

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Jython + Rapid = supercharged portal

Including Jython as part of Rapid opens so many possibilities. Whole user interfaces and other processes can now be dynamically inserted directly in a running portal. Portlets can be defined on the go and change behaviour according to user decisions.

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