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Data-intensive computing

Systems and problems that include huge data volumes and complex patterns of integration and interaction.

High performance web-based genetic analyses for the biosciences

In order to maintain and integrate GridQTL with other resources we are requesting two full-time posts, one to be based at NeSC and the other at IEB. The principal tasks for these posts are outlined under the management structure. GridQTL, our existing project upon which GridQTL+ is based, is a collaborative project across three sites. The different expertise from each of these groups has been essential to the development of GridQTL and we wish to continue with this successful arrangement.

Tue, 06/01/2010 to Fri, 05/31/2013
Project members: 

Automating Gene Expression Annotation for Mouse Embryo

L. Han, van Hemert, J., Baldock, R., and Atkinson, M. P., Automating Gene Expression Annotation for Mouse Embryo, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Advanced Data Mining and Applications, 5th International Conference), 2009, vol. LNAI 5678, pp. 469-478.


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