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James Cheney
Research Fellow
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+44 131 651 5658

I am a Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh, working in the areas of databases and programming languages, with applications to data-intensive science and research.

From September 2004 until October 2008 I was a postdoctoral research associate in the Database Group. I have also been involved with the Digital Curation Centre and during 2008-2009 I organized a Theme Program on Principles of Provenance for the eScience Institute.

I earned my PhD in Computer Science at Cornell University in August 2004. From January to May 2003 I visited Cambridge University's Computer Laboratory. In the summer of 2001 I worked at Intertrust on a summer internship. I have a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics (May 1998) and MS in Mathematics (August 1998) from Carnegie Mellon University.

Key publications

On the expressiveness of implicit provenance in query and update languages, P. Buneman, J. Cheney and S. Vansummeren. Transactions on Database Systems, 33(4):28 November 2008.

Provenance in databases: Why, where and how, J. Cheney, L. Chiticariu and W.-C. Tan. Foundations and Trends in Databases, 1(4):379-474, 2009.

A formal framework for provenance security, James Cheney. CSF 2011.

A core calculus for provenance, Umut A. Acar, Amal Ahmed, James Cheney and Roly Perera. POST 2012.

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