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Dr Paolo Besana
Research Associate

I am currently working in the Data Intensive Research group in the School of Informatics in the University of Edinburgh. My current projects are gene interaction in mouse embryo. From October I will be working on VERCE, a EU-funded project on developing a framework for data- and computational-intensive in seismology. I am also collaborating on the Seismology Hazard and the ENVRI projects.

In the past, I worked in the Unité INSERM U936, Université de Rennes, France, for the ASTEC project, developing a system based on OWL and SWRL for matching patients' conditions to eligibility criteria of clinical trials.

I previously worked in Edinburgh as Research Fellow on the Safe and Sound project, one of the grand challenges within the Information-Driven Health Initiative funded by EPSRC and on the OpenKnowledge project.

I hold a PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh. The focus of my PhD, completed under the supervision of professor Dave Robertson and Dr Michael Rovatsos, about the use of interaction models, or choreographies, in heterogeneous multi-agent systems to simplify the problem of dynamic ontology mapping.

My research interests cover:
* applying computational technologies to scientific domains
* data intensive applications
* dynamic system configuration
* signal and imaging processing
* knowledge representation and semantic web
* multi-party interactions and coordination in open systems
* ontology matching and semantic interoperability

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